Troubleshooting common VPN related errors

Hello Customers, If you are seeing errors while establishing VPN connection using Windows in-built VPN client,  you have reached the right place. This article will help you to easily troubleshoot some of the common VPN related errors. 1) Error Code: 800 Error Description: The remote connection was not made because the attempted VPN tunnels failed….


What type of certificate to install on the VPN server

Hello Friends, In my previous posting related to VPN tunnel selection, I discussed various scenarios in which you need to install a certificate on the VPN server. To summarize this requirement in a nutshell: except PPTP tunnel, for all the other tunnel types (i.e. IKEv2, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec) VPN server machine should be installed with…


Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista VPN issue with accessing shares

Hello Everyone,   my name is Aydin Aslaner, and I am a Support Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Platform Networking Support team. Today I would like to talk about a issue that we were dealing with some time ago and which was quite interesting.   Customer reported the following problem:   Having a critical issue with RRAS…


VPN Troubleshooting QA

Hello friends,      We get questions,queries,feedback and clarifications from many people about their VPN connections through e-mail. I felt some of these Q&A might help people who face similar issues. So here it goes, the list posted as a Q&A. Query:1: IPv6 not supported on XP; Use Vista client Customer: Requirement: Access the machines in…


How to debug SSTP specific connection failures

Hi All,  To all our beta testers who are trying out SSTP, first of all “many many thanks from my RRAS team”. This post talks about how to debug failures specific to SSTP based VPN tunnel (Note: I am not discussing all the error codes displayed on RAS client – as most error codes will be common across all VPN…


Betterment of diagnostics for VPN connection issues in LH

To have a better diagnostics around VPN connection issues in LH, RRAS has introduced a functionality of tagging the VPN connection related events with what is called as “Correlation-ID” (CoID). The relevant event messages are prefixed with “CoID={128 bit identifier}”. Note: Not all the event messages are tagged with the CoID, as mentioned above it…


Ports affecting the VPN connectivity

If you are running firewall infront of your RRAS server (i.e. between internet and RRAS), then following are the relevant ports which needs to be opened on the firewall for VPN connectivity to be successful: a) PPTP tunnel based VPN uses TCP Port number 1723 and IP Protocol number 47 (GRE). Please note: The 47 is IP…


Accessing Network Shares Over a VPN Connection in Windows Vista

It is not possible to access network shares from a Windows Vista machine over a VPN connection if Net BIOS over TCP (NetBT) is disabled on one of the machines or port 139 is blocked. A fix for this problem is available from Microsoft Support. Customers just need to call support and quote the following KB number…


Troubleshooting Vista VPN problems

Hello all. There have been quite a few questions/posts on the technet forums about issues you folks have seen with Windows Vista VPN clients. So we thought we would come up with a post on the common configuration issues and some troubleshooting tips. Hope this helps others who are facing the same issues. If you are seeing an issue different from one…