Cannot reach beyond the RRAS server from VPN clients?

Many a time we face this issue – after making a VPN connection to the Routing and Remote Access server, we are unable to reach the machine on the network behind the VPN server. Here are a few tips to troubleshoot this. Let’s consider this example to understand this better. VPN Client  <—Internet—>   RRAS server …


There are different types of VPN tunnels like L2TP, PPTP, etc. Which VPN tunnel to use?

I agree that there are too many tunnel option :), but each has its own advantages/disadvantages and customer scenarios. Let us try to understand that in this blog. First a basic preview – there are primarily two usage scenarios of VPN: – First one is for remote access (a client PC trying to access corporate…


Enabling logs for RRAS

Failures for RAS connections can be debugged using RAS logs. To enable RAS logs run command “netsh ras set tracing * enabled” Now run the scenario that is failing. Now flush the RAS logs by “netsh ras set tracing * disabled” command. Check the logs at %windir%tracing directory. Some of the files where you can…


How to use command line for configuring Routing and Remote Access Server

Netsh is a command line tool to configure and administer Windows based computers. Netsh can be used extensively for Routing and remote access configurations. Some of the netsh commands in RAS context are  – Command – Netsh ras add authtype add authtype [type = ] PAP|SPAP|MD5CHAP|MSCHAP|MSCHAPv2|EAP Selects the types of authentication which this RAS server…


Troubleshooting VPN connections : Dr. RRAS

These are some of the common errors we come across when we make a VPN connection to a Routing and Remote Access VPN server: Connection-time errors Error 800: VPN server is unreachable This occurs often if the PPTP/L2TP packets cannot reach the VPN server. Troubleshooting steps 1. See if you can ping the VPN server. [Ping to…


Online Chat Session for Remote Access Client

There will be an online chat session on “Deploying and managing remote access clients running Windows 2000 and Windows XP”. It’s scheduled for Feb 24, 2005 at 10.00 AM PST. Details for the online chat can be found at This session will discuss tips, techniques, and best practices for deploying and managing remote access…


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