Known issues in VPN reconnect mobility manager in Windows 7 beta release

Hi folks,

Hope you all are in good health.I believe that you must be enjoying the new VPN reconnect feature in Windows 7 and more importantly the mobility experience it provides. Aren't you? I am writing this blog to list the known issues with mobility manager and their workarounds. These issues have been fixed in Windows 7 RC milestone.


The Mobility Manager does not start for the first VPN reconnect connection after reboot.

Mobility manager is expected to start as soon as the first mobility enabled VPN reconnect connection is established. This bug is typically seen for the first connection after system boot.


  1. Open taskschd.msc

  2. Navigate to Microsoft\Windows\Ras folder and locate mobility manager task ( as shown here ).

  3. Right click and start the task by selecting 'Run'.


I will keep this blog updated with any new issues found .


With Regards,

Arpan Kumar Asthana,

Software Development Engineer,

Windows Networking Group.

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