SSTP support on SBS 2008

Hello, As you know SSTP support in Windows Server 2008 allows you to configure RRAS server role as SSL based L3 VPN server – which allows VPN clients (currently Vista SP1, WS08 and later releases) to connect from anywhere – behind firewalls/NAT. If you would like to run Small business server (SBS) on top of WS08 server and…


RAS Features in W7

Hello folks,            My name is Aanand Ramachandran and I am the Program Manager for the Routing and Remote Access Services (RRAS) component of Windows Networking. Windows 7 has received great response at WinHec and PDC. I am sure a lot of you must be very eager to know what the RRAS team has added in…


Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista VPN issue with accessing shares

Hello Everyone,   my name is Aydin Aslaner, and I am a Support Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Platform Networking Support team. Today I would like to talk about a issue that we were dealing with some time ago and which was quite interesting.   Customer reported the following problem:   Having a critical issue with RRAS…


VPN Troubleshooting QA

Hello friends,      We get questions,queries,feedback and clarifications from many people about their VPN connections through e-mail. I felt some of these Q&A might help people who face similar issues. So here it goes, the list posted as a Q&A. Query:1: IPv6 not supported on XP; Use Vista client Customer: Requirement: Access the machines in…

Limit one connection to the VPN server per user

Hello all,     I thought it would be worthwhile to blog a post specifically on this topic. I’ve seen quite a number of people having this requirement to limit the number of VPN connections that can be made to the VPN server using a particular username to just one. And I did take this one…


How to secure the server running RRAS role after doing upgrade or fresh install of Windows server 2008

Hello,   As you know in Windows server 2008 (WS08) we have removed “Basic Firewall” functionality in RRAS which exist in Windows Server 2003 (WS03).    This leads to following security implications which you should be carefully consider when configuring RRAS on WS08:   1)      If you were running WS03 enabled for RRAS as a…


Publishing SSTP based VPN server using ISA2006 Firewall

Hello,   If you will like to use SSTP based VPN server (which is part of RRAS server in Windows server 2008) behind a ISA2006 Firewall, please refer to following articles – Thanks a bunch to Thomas Shinder   Samir JainSenior Program ManagerWindows Enterprise Networking   [This posting is provided “AS IS” with…

SSTP Remote Access Virtual Lab Available @ TechNet

Hi All, Virtual Lab for deploying the SSTP Remote Access is available at or Cheers, Abhishek Tiwari ( **) Sr. Lead Program Manager Windows Core Operating System Networking Division ** Remove the “online” to actually email me  [This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.]


Happy New Year

Dear Readers, Happy New Year to all our readers (on behalf my entire team !) I expect  2008 to be a great year for all RRAS customers with Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 getting released. This means our customers can leverage NAP based health check of remote access clients, use IPv6 based ubiquitous connectivity and SSTP based firewall traversal capability of VPN connections….