Changes to CMAK in Longhorn Server

This is to give an idea of what new features, changes has made to CMAK till now for Longhorn Server. This list is not final and subject to change.


-          In order to ease the profile authoring, separate wizard pages has been included for Vista profiles and Down-level profiles [WS03, XP, W2k].

-          CMAK supports profile authoring with IPv6 configuration option

-          SPAP and MS-CHAP authentication protocols has been removed from the list of available auth protocols for Vista profiles

-          DDNS registration is now supported [option to add DNS suffix for the CM connection and to associate the IP address with m/c name]

-          Quarantine solution through both NAP and RQS/RQC are supported.

-          CM profile configuration files [cms/cmp] are mui compliant now so same CMAK (say from an English OS) can be used to make other language profiles (say German)

-          No support for profile installation on Win9x


Dinesh Agarwal
RRAS, Windows Enterprise Networking

[This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.]

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