Response Point Podcasts from Allen Miller

RPer of the Year, Allen Miller has started a new series of Response Point Podcasts.  Download them in iTunes (search for “Response Point”) or see the whole list at The latest one includes a conversation about the RP Roadmap with Richard Sprague from Response Point Marketing.


Watch XD’s ITExpo Presentation

If you were unable to attend last month’s ITExpo, you missed the keynote presentation by Response Point founder and General Manager, XD Huang, but now you can watch it on a webcast over at TMCNet. While you’re at it,  don’t miss the presentation by Bryan Martin, CEO of our VOIP service partner 8×8.


Best show ever for Response Point

The great news from last week’s ITExpo keeps pouring in:  two of our new partners (Packet8 and Quintum) have won Best of Show awards.  We made a ton of new high-level telephony industry contacts, thanks to the great reception we had to XD’s keynote (people are still asking us for copies of his presentation).  The…


XD presents at ITExpo

Now you can look at Response Point Founder and General Manager Xuedong Huang’s ITExpo presentation on "The Magic of Software and Business Communications".  XD has spent  his career developing interfaces that conform to the way people work, through powerful speech recognition and other technology that we think will make communications much easier in the future. …