Which industries are best in this economy?

Response Point digital service provider NGT, working with SMBNation,  is conducting a survey of Microsoft Partners.  The survey closes on Friday, December 19th, so hurry: you still have time to enter (and maybe win an iPod!). Meanwhile, NGT shared with us some early results of their polling that I thought was interesting.  Here’s how the…


Response Point Case Studies

Looking for examples of real customers who use Response Point?  Look at http://Microsoft.com/casestudies and search under Response Point (or click here).  So far there are a full dozen examples, and more coming all the time. If you have an interesting example of how a customer or partner uses Response Point, please let us know and…


Looking for Response Point info?

Many users and partners have asked us for more details about Response Point, especially how to get started. We just uploaded a 23-page easy-to-read guide for how to get started with Response Point to our Response Point partner space.  You can find it in the following folder: There’s a ton of other product, technical, and…


Your phones are on their way

If you were one of the lucky winners of the free phone system we announced at the Small Business Symposium in Denver earlier this summer, it’s time to start watching for the FedEx truck.  Here’s what we sent today: These first boxes are from Dlink and should arrive in the next few days. Additional ones, including…


How to become a Response Point VAR

I have gotten this question repeatedly since WPC, so I figured it would be worth answering on our blog. Selling Response Point does not require any formal certification or competency. We do provide technical training resources, but having designed the system to be easy to deploy and manage, there is no formal test to take….