Ask Anna to speak for your company

When you add a person’s name to your Response Point directory,  there is a pleasant voice inside RP that speaks the name back to you.  It’s a computerized voice, usually referred to as TTS ( text-to-speech), and the one inside RP is world-class.  In fact, it’s the same voice used by Windows Vista, and referred to as “Anna” in the TTS applications out there. TTS can make a nice prompt for your names on RP, but it’s never as good as a real recorded voice, especially for longer utterances like the greetings that you use for your Automated Receptionist. melaniegranfors

Well here’s some good news:  “Anna” is actually the voice of Melanie Granfors, a real live person who lives in Seattle, Washington and made the recordings that formed the basis for the sound waves now included in both Response Point and  Vista.  And you can hire Anna, I mean Melanie,  to record your company’s directory greeting.

Melanie is one of the voice talents signed up with, an internet web site that sells introductions to people who record their voices.  Here’s the description on her site:

Melanie Granfors is a Radio/TV personality, spokeswoman, narrator and voiceover artist. Melanie's styles include smooth or energetic, reassuring and friendly, corporate, confident, motherly, sexy, sassy, elegant, raucous. She can sound like a doctor or a diva! Melanie is an excellent cold reader, and adept at technical reading with scientific, medical or technological terms. She promises quick turnaround on all voiceover projects from her home studio.

Reasonable rates, quick turnaround – and a voice that perfectly matches the one inside RP.  Check it out!

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