Response Point’s South Beach Blogger’s Ball !!!

At the end of day #1 here at IT Expo East, the Response Point team held a dinner tonight at a South Beach restaurant for a group of telephony industry bloggers. It was a great opportunity for each group – the RP team and the bloggers -  to learn more about each other.

Bloggers for example learned about how Bill Gates personally was Response Point’s true initial Venture Capitalist, providing start up funding inside Microsoft.

The Blogger’s were quite helpful in providing the Response Point team with insights on the telephony market space – both from a customer perspective but also from a partner perspective.

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TMCnet’s Rich Tehrani &            Toasting SP2 :)                XD Huang & Andy Abramson

Meredith Budwin

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    SP2 does not contain the French speech recognition that you get in other MS products, like Exchange 2007.  But stay tuned!

  2. André from Montréal says:

    Do you have a plan for French Canadian version of Response Point?

    The SP2 version, is not usable for the french customers?  Right?


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