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Today at IT Expo East 2009, we announced the immediate release of our latest upgrade, Response Point Service Pack 2 (SP2) for our small business VoIP-enabled phone solution. The product is available starting today as a free download at

Responding to customer and partner feedback –and quickly implementing those suggestions—is the main priority for the Response Point team. Coming just seven months after the previous upgrade, the new SP2 release adds many important enhancements including: improved communication options through support for intercom and paging capabilities; support for analog phones; and greater deployment flexibility via new support for VPN, multi-subnets and additional trunk devices.

As a recipient of InfoWorld’s “2009 Technology of the Year Award,” we’ll continue to provide small businesses with a cost effective phone system that is easy to use and manage, offering the ability to grow and evolve with their needs. 

Also please check out our growing list of Response Point partners, with the recent addition of two internet telephony service providers (ITSP): TotalTel, which provides coverage in the USA and SMB Phone, which provides coverage in Canada. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When we made SP2 available earlier this month , we were especially proud of our quick turnaround, offering

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