Radio advertising for Response Point

Len Poulin, of LBP Enterprises in Waynesboro, VA is advertising Response Point on the local radio:

Local radio ads are a great way to reach small businesses in your area. It's cheap, and very targeted.  Many small business owners spend a lot of time in their cars, jumping from one place to another, and radio makes them a captive audience.  When we did some test advertising on the radio a few months ago, we found it was very effective.

If you've been doing local advertising for Response Point, please let us know.

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  1. Direct Response Radio Advertising Expert says:

    Congrats on your radio advertising success.  Make sure you are getting the most effecient buys for your money (Cost Per Point, CPM, Effective Frequency,etc.)

    One other place to look at is public radio stations (i.e. NPR broadcasts specifically)…as professional radio creatives and media buyers, we have found these stations good at reaching business owners ages 35-64 with $75K+ income.

    To your future success,

    M. Bruce Abbott

    Creative Director/Partner

    Radio Lounge

  2. Gary Kretchmer - Direct Response Radio Advertising says:

    Radio advertising can be very powerful if the message is benefit-oriented and straightforward, without loading up on too many copy points.

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