Open Mike at SMBNation

Wow, thanks for the fantastic crowd that showed up at SMBNation last night.  In addition to many of the regular RP fans, we were happy to see so many new faces of people who weren’t yet familiar with all things Response Point.  After a few opening remarks from our general manager, XD Huang, we turned it over to the audience for questions and it was non-stop: you guys aren’t shy!

We covered a range of questions, from the basic (“Does RP support SIP Trunking?” answer: of course) to roadmap questions (“How long till feature X?” answer: no word yet) to business questions about how to sell.  We told people that the three biggest new feature areas we are looking at are: (1) remote extensions, (2) key system functionality, and (3) more.  We want you to ask your questions too!  Please Contact Us.

Harry Brelsford dropped in for a bit.  He’s blogging about SMNation too, so maybe he’ll post some of the photos he took.

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