Please fix Wikipedia

We have a request for Response Point fans out there:  could somebody take a look at the RP entry in Wikipedia and make sure it’s up to date?

The people on the Response Point team are forbidden by Wikipedia ethics to change the page – it’s a conflict of interest – and although I suppose we could log in anonymously and do it, nobody here wants to cheat.  So can we ask a favor of one of our dear readers?

Two changes we’d especially like somebody to make:

  • Overall: change to fluent, natural English.  It appears the current version wasn’t written by a native speaker.

  • External links: please add the RP blog (i.e. this page!) and suggest people check some of the other links on this page as well.

These are just the two most urgent changes. Of course you’re welcome to add as much as you like, including wholesale copying from anything you find on our official web site.  Steal liberally from the Product Information documents!

We appreciate everything you do to ensure people have accurate Response Point information.

Update (9/23): Thanks to all the people who have helped so far!   Please keep Wikipedia accurate!

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  1. Anonymous says:

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