8×8, Inc. Receives ‘Best of Show’ Award at ITEXPO West 2008 for Packet8/Microsoft Response Point Solution

 8 x8

One of our new ITSP partners, Packet 8, with their Response Point offering has been announced as Best of Show winner at ITEXPO. Here is a snippet from the press release as well as a LINK to the article.

'The Packet8/Microsoft Response Point solution offers businesses with between five and fifty employees an innovative, easy to use, on-premise digital voice service that can quickly and inexpensively be deployed utilizing an existing high speed Internet connection. With this solution, any small business can experience the benefits of advanced IP-PBX speech recognition technology along with dramatically reduced recurring monthly phone charges. Packet8's full featured, standards-based, E911 compliant phone services operate over any high speed public Internet connection, enabling businesses that occupy one or more locations to easily and affordably deploy the Packet8/Response Point solution.'


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The great news from last week’s ITExpo keeps pouring in:  two of our new partners ( Packet8 and

  2. sprague says:

    Hi Jim, sorry to hear about your experience.  We asked Packet8 to respond and they said this:

    As a leading provider of VoIP phone services to more than 12,000 SMBs nationwide, 8×8 places a high priority on voice quality and customer service. Over the years, we have adopted numerous techniques to ensure that the quality of Packet8 VoIP calls is equal to or better than traditional PSTN calls. These include the implementation of a VoIP Quality& Connectivity Speed Test diagnostic tool which measures the quality and performance of the Internet connection between a home/office network and the Packet8 servers. We have also initiated proactive data mining procedures that monitor calls on our network for problems like packet loss, jitter and latency. If our data mining system uncovers a problem with a customer’s service, our technical support team contacts the customer to determine if their underlying network or router is functioning properly and what steps can be taken to improve the quality of the call. Nine out of 10 times when a customer is experiencing a call quality issue, the cause is related to problems associated with the last mile Internet connection or the design and implementation of the customer’s Local Area Network.  8×8 offers free lifetime customer support and is committed to working with all customers to help identify and resolve any issues associated with their Local Area Network.

  3. Gilham Consulting says:

    This is great news!  A lot of my customer’s switch from Packet 8 to response point…so that’s should make the transition easier.


  4. V Jim Robinett says:

    I had packet eight on two different accounts and they were very very bad.  Echoes on the line at the time and many many calls where I could not hear anyone.

    Be very careful with Packet 8 as if you are not satisfied with their lacking service, they will not let you out of a contract with them until the last day of that contract.  This company is not one that has any concern for their clients.

    I strongly recommend to anyone looking for phone service over the internet that they look else where, as Packet 8 is definetly not a company that is accountable for their very bad service.  Their service is the worst that I have ever experienced.

  5. Black gurl says:

    That is bull. Packet 8 think everyone is an idiot. They have very bad service and that’s my conclusion. They give u all this technical stuff thinking everyone’s uneducated technically.

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