New T1 Gateway from Quintum

Chuck Rutledge, VP of Marketing at Quintum Technologies helped us meet several members of the press today to talk about their new T1 Gateway, available soon for Response Point.


This new box, which will work on your RP network just like any other ATA (i.e. auto-sensing, easy config), will enable Response Point customers to get up and running with T1 with the same ease-of-use they get today with PSTN and VOIP.

Here's the official word:

Quintum Technologies, an innovator in VoIP technologies and a subsidiary of Network Equipment Technologies, Inc., announced today a VoIP T1 gateway and an FXS gateway for the Response Point phone systems. The digital gateway will support a T1, E1 or PRI connection, and the analog gateway will support up to 4 FXS ports.  

Quintum will release two Response Point gateways that are designed specifically for easy installation and use with all Aastra, D-Link and Quanta IP telephone systems based on Response Point. For more information, please visit

Read more details at Greg Galitzine's VoIP Authority Blog.

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    Response Point customers who need easy connectivity to digital services like T1, E1, and PRI, or analog

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    The great news from last week’s ITExpo keeps pouring in:  two of our new partners ( Packet8 and

  3. Anonymous says:

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