How Response Point Makes Irate Customers

Sure, Response Point is easy to sell but in the interest of fairness we want you to be aware of the downsides too.  Consider this post by Allen Miller this week, describing his experience selling Response Point systems:

One customer said that there was "only one problem" (oh boy, now I'm going to hear it). He told me he had shown his Response Point system off to several of his business partners, non-IT people, that had been visiting his offices. Every one of them was pissed that their IT staff had not gotten this system for their companies! They were angry that they had paid so much more for their systems that were so much more difficult to manage and use!

I know, I know, it can be very hard to hold yourself back, but we'd like to ask our customers to please hold off on your gloating.  The super-easy setup, the rock-solid speech recognition, the easy expansion -- yes, those are some of the advantages you get with Response Point over other phone systems, but please remember what your mother told you about the importance of humility.  No boasting, please.

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