Password reset

I was setting up my Response Point system for a demo this morning and, ouch! discovered that the previous person had changed the default Administrator password.  What can I do?  And how, in general, does a small business owner deal with a forgotten password?  Small Businesses don’t have time for a fancy IT staff, and…


Response Point videos

Tell your friends!  The Response Point ad videos are on YouTube.  You can pass this around to anyone you like, or show them on your own web site by giving out this URL:


Don’t Forget Financing

We worked hard to ensure that Response Point is easy to use, but did you know we also made it easy to buy?  First, Response Point’s business model makes the purchase experience easy, dispensing with per-extension licenses altogether. A company that needs to grow and add more lines can simply purchase additional desktop phones. Response…


Power over Ethernet

We mentioned a few months back that Syspine phones will support Power Over Ethernet (POE), which is very nice if you’d like to eliminate wires going into your desk phone.  POE-enabled phones just have a single line going into them (the RJ45 ethernet plug).  No power required. I’ve heard from several Response Point customers who…


Concept Recognition in Response Point

One of the coolest features of the Response Point automated receptionist is the ability to set pre-recorded announcements that will play when an outside caller asks common questions like “What is your office location?”, or “What are your hours?”.  Unlike other IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems you may have tried, with Response Point you don’t…


Craig Mundie’s Intercom Extension to Syspine Phones

While RP is designed for small business customers, we can’t prevent people from deploying RP in the household 🙂 One of our RP 1.0 customers is Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie. Craig personally set up the Syspine RP system himself for his home. This was  not a surprise as RP was designed…