Find Item Count in Ex2k7

 I use to use PFDavAdmin to export item count - here is a faster way to do this w/Ex2k7...

Download the Exchange 2007 Powershell Scriptacular demo pack and copy out-html.ps1 and out-ie.ps1 to a directory on a computer in which the Exchange Management Shell has been installed on.

Navigate to the folder w/in powershell you saved the out-html/out-ie.ps1 files, and run the following cmd.

Get-mailbox -server ExchangeServerNameHere| Get-MailboxFolderStatistics | where {$_.itemsInFolder -gt 5000} | sort-object -descending ItemsInFolder | select Identity,FolderPath,ItemsInFolder | .\out-html | .\out-ie

Update: I just want to point out that it may be necessary to use the –ResultSize unlimited switch with the Get-Mailbox command, otherwise you default to 1,000 items for Get-Mailbox-server.

Old way…

Using PFDAVAdmin to get the item count within the folders on mailboxes on an exchange server


Understanding the Performance Impact of High Item Counts and Restricted Views

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