Q. What is "Hyper-V Remote File Browsing"

Q.  What is "Hyper-V Remote File Browsing"

It shows up when I add another Hyper-V server in the Hyper-V Manager console, by selecting "Connect to Server", then right-click that server name and choose "Import Virtual Machine". After clicking the Browse button, it shows up under Folders section.

Besides, what does the path "::{0907616E-F5E6-48D8-9D61-A91C3D28106D}\HYPER-V-TEST" mean (Hyper-V-Test is the name of my server)? Does the GUID match anything or is it just random?


A. Remote File Browsing is a shell namespace extension implemented by Hyper-V, it provides a way to browse the folders/files on remove Hyper-V server without requiring server to open extra shell over the network.


The path "::{0907616E-F5E6-48D8-9D61-A91C3D28106D}\HYPER-V-TEST" is to tell shell (explorer or common file dialog) that it is hosting/pointing to the RemoteFileBrowsing shell namespace extension on the HYPER-V-TEST. The guid is Hyper-V remotefilebrowsing shell namespace extension GUID. However, due to  the limitation on common file browser, it is not able to translated into "Hyper-V Remote File Browsing".


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