Replacing a Broken LCD screen on a Dell Venue Pro

You know you have had one of those days when you drop your brand new Dell Venue Pro in the parking lot and the unit explodes. The cover comes off, the battery goes flying, and you express your frustration verbally. Then you pick up the pieces and look at the front glass and you do not see a single scratch on the beautiful Gorilla Glass. You smile and put everything back together and power on your phone, only to find that the LCD screen behind the Gorilla Glass is shattered, your head drops..oh and that verbal frustration returns.

Then you start your repair research process. You find a replacement LCD screen from a vendor in the UK called You buy the replacement part and wait for it to arrive.  While you wait you start looking for the instructions or videos that show you how to replace the LCD screen….nada, nothing. Not even any service manual documentation from Dell’s web site.

The part arrives and you call your buddy with the all the phone repair tools and you start to figure out how to disassemble the phone. Here is what the Dell Venue Pro looks like disassembled


Here is the breakdown of the pieces:

A – This is the rear of the glass and LCD once removed. You can see the ribbon cables that connect to the video card through the whole in piece B

B – This is the sliding mechanism and the mounting point for the front screen and the motherboard C

C – The motherboard. There are additional ribbon cable connectors.

D – This is the back of the phone. The silver part with the holes is the inner side of the battery compartment. The little piece to the right of D is the camera button that falls out when you take the phone apart.

E – These are the 6 torx screws that are in the back of the case

F -  These are the 4 torx screws that are removed to get the LCD and glass front disconnected from B

G – These are the 2 screw covers that are at the top of the back side of the slider piece

H – This is the back cover of the phone

I – These are the two tools you need. The Torx screwdriver and the pry tool

J – The phone battery

Disassembly process

Unfortunately I did not think ahead to bring a good camera or a camcorder to record the process, but here is what you have to do to disassemble the phone.

1) Take off the back battery cover

2) Remove 6 screws using torx screwdriver

3) Using a pry tool, work the back cover off. There are small tabs that keep the cover on. You must unseat the tabs all around the chrome back and black ends, there are also tabs on the inside of the battery cover box that you will need to pop out.. Note the camera button will fall out when you get it off. You may have to remove the black tape covering the SD card slot to loosen the inside tabs.

4) Motherboard is now exposed. There are 4 cables to remove. Use a pry tool to pop the connectors. Two have short cables that plug into the motherboard on one side. Two have longer cables that come from the LCD screen through the sliding mechanism. There is a small cable at the top that has a rubber grommet that goes over a post, you must loosen the grommet using a needle or other tool to get under the cable.

5) Once the motherboard is off, there are 4 screws to remove. If you open the sliding mechanism all the way you will find two screws through the metal sliding mechanism and then there are two other screws with round covers at the top back of the screen. Use a pin to pry off the covers, they are sticky.

6) Once the screws are loose, you can pry the glass cover piece off from the side and ends, more tabs. The cover is stuck on typically so you will need to work it loose.

7) Once open, there is another cable connector. There is a metal flap that you can flip up slightly and pry lose the connector. Once you have that lose, you can use the long cables to remove the LCD from the glass. Be sure not to touch the inside of the glass.

8) Replace the LCD and reverse the disassembly process. Do not forget to put the camera button back in before you put the back cover on. You will have to hold the phone vertically with the camera button down to keep it in place.

9) Make sure all the tabs are snapped back into place, especially on the ends of the phone.


It took us about 30 minutes to figure this out from scratch with no instructions. If I did it again, I probably could do it in 10 minutes.  The pry tool is very important. It needs to have a thin blade to get in the slider gap and pry off the cover at the chrome edges.

Hope this helps someone rescue their Dell Venue Pro from a bad fall.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Thanks, I had this problem but only the outer screen is cracked.  My question though is regarding  How long did it take to receive the part in the mail?

    Also, if the touch screen works fine and everything is clear, only the outter glass needs to be replaced correct?



  2. Mark says:

    Can you tell me where to purchase the glass from?

  3. Nate says:

    Thanks for this.  You may have the only disassembly instructions for the DVP on the net.  I came here to figure out how to get it open to clear the dust out between the LCD and glass.  Wish me luck!



  4. Achille says:


    I have dropped my Dell Venue Pro and the screen is seriously damaged. I guess there is a dead Pixel or more. Please may you tell where I can get another new screen and also the the torx screwdriver – is it standard? – and the pry tool. Thank you very much for your help

  5. ishaansan says:

    i dropped mines from about 3 feet landed flat on the back, and the slider scratched on the keyboard and not only that it is stiff, would it be difficult to fix?

  6. Ryan Walters says:

    Don't buy from They never shipped my item, and quit responding to email. Terrible, terrible customer service. After 70 days of waiting, I finally had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get a refund.

  7. alex says:

    Thanks a lot for this guide!  I had my touchscreen become completely unresponsive in the last couple of days.  The cable for the touch sensor had become, and I had to tear apart my whole phone to get to it.  Your guide helped immensely.  

    For anyone else with my problem the touch sensor cable is at the top right when looking at the back of Part A.  Also, the screws are Torx T5, which I don't think was mentioned in the guide.

  8. alex says:

    Quasi-edit; The cable for the touch sensor had become disconnected.

  9. Marty says:

    Thanks Alex for letting me know what Torx screwdriver to pick up.  BTW,  I ordered a new screen from HongKong (on Ebay) and it was a little cheaper than  Thanks for this blog Mr. Larson!!

  10. mike williams says:

    Am mike in kampala uganda,i have a dell lcd monitor with abroken screen modal SE178WFPc, can you help me get it.


  11. I need some help, FPC broke says:

    While replacing my screen my FPC broke its the one on part B – the orange one. My power button, vibrator, keyboard and volume buttons don't work now, what should I do?

  12. MobilePhoneCrazy says:

    Mobile Phone Crazy is a scam. Took our money, never sent the product. Quit responding to emails. We gave up after 3 months or dogging them provide us the glass. Lesson Learned.

  13. April says:

    Marty, what site/store on ebay where you able to find the screen please?

  14. SilverPigeon says:

    I used your instruction and made a youtube video in the process.

    Thanks for saving me some time.

  15. cheerfulari says:

    My touchscreen is not working after getting drenched in rain. The mobile shop person told me that the touchscreen strip has gone faulty. Can you tell me where to find one?

  16. tonykayd says:

    he LCD screen behind the Gorilla Glass is shattered, where can i purchase online. tanks

  17. P.Marlow says:

    Venue/Venue Pro LCD & Digitisers available to purchase direct:

  18. ricardo says:

    Do you know anyone who can fix my dell venue pro in atlanta screen ebny out after dropping my phone a few times and I hasn't yet to find anyone who can fox it.9012837684, thanks on advance

  19. MARIE says:

    Hi, I purchased the Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer Glass Lens For Dell Venue Pro without the DVP frame. Does anybody know how to remove the glass from the DVP frame?  Thanks

  20. blake says:

    Hello, I was wondering if the charge port is attached with a cable or if it is micro soldered on to the board. Not sure if you noticed this on not during your teardown but I thought I would ask since mine fell of the table while charging and is loose.

  21. najam says:


    any one tell me my dell venue lcd broke it… i wanna purchase new lcd for my cell phone, any one please help me….

    any one tell me what the procedure to purchase new lcd

    my contact  no


  22. evelyne says:

    anyone  tell me  where  i  can  purchase  a  new  lcd  screen  for  my  dell  venue  pro  please  help  i  have   been  waiting  for  so  long  and  please  the  manufacturers  please  make  the  replacements  available  for  everyone  in  the  world  please  my   contact  no  0704655217   or 0701201712                                                                                                      

  23. rajesh says:

    Do you any idea from i can get the flex cable ribbon for my dell venue pro?

    Thanks in advance!!

  24. najam says:


    any one tell me my dell venue lcd broke it… i wanna purchase new lcd for my cell phone, any one please help me….

    any one tell me what the procedure to purchase new lcd

    my contact  no


  25. Tech J says:

    @ najam

    Try or sell urs for parts

  26. HDMI says:

    HDMI cables are capable of hauling really substantial bandwidth signals, which includes 1080p above longer operates in comparison with standard styles, devoid of transmission degradation.

  27. HDMI says:

    HDMI cables are capable of hauling really substantial bandwidth signals, which includes 1080p above longer operates in comparison with standard styles, devoid of transmission degradation.

  28. Amran, email : says:

    Please send me trick jumper dell venue v03b if not charging

  29. Victor Kuk says:

    Where can i buy parts for DELL VENUE Pro? I need a motherboard!!!!

  30. cj says:

    Hey how to fix the ribbon ? Thanks a lot.

  31. evans says:

    Pls where can I get the screen of dell venue vo3b on ebay. Can’t get anyone around here in Nigeria.

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