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In addition to writing books for MSPress, I have written a few articles for WindowsITPro.  The articles are a 3 part progressive series on creating a mobile physical to virtual migration solution using VSMT.  The first two articles have been published and I am finishing up the third article. The links are below.

ADS Unplugged - October 2006

Kick Your Mobile ADS Solution Up a Notch - February 2007

I learned this week that WindowsITPro submitted the "ADS Unplugged" article to the American Society of Business Press Editors (ASBPE) and it won the Silver Regional award for technical articles in magazine editions with over 80,000 in circulation!

WooHoo..... 😉

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  1. virtualgoods says:

    The third article has been submitted for publication…not sure when though, currently in editing.

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