Massive Linux / Apache hacks spewing forth browser based malware

And NO one knows how it’s being done? Pure insanity . . . how can this be going on for months and no one has a clue and all they can do is guess that maybe a password was guessed and used for logon?  If these boxes were Windows boxes – I’m pretty confident…


Mommy? Where do servers come from?

Farking hilarious!!!’s the official book web site: And this video isn’t half bad either: “Stop me if you’ve heard this one . . . a guy wants into a bar with a penguin . . . ” Holy crap – what’s gotten into us?  Funny marketing . . . from MICROSOFT . ….


GMER discovers a new MBR based rootkit in the wild . . .

EDITED: 1/10/2008 to remove information about possibly using ntbtlog.txt to detect the rootkit.  The driver load routine for the rootkit seems to be non-standard and thus unlikely to appear in ntbtlog.txt You can read the gory details of it here: Some things I’d like to point out: To open a disk for raw disk…


Did Bill Gates just say Windows sucks?

No – I believe he is implying that he belives *Vista* sucks. 🙂  


Bill’s last day . . .

This video is just all sorts of awesome:


Random stuff from the last 2 weeks

My Adobe Flash paranoia isn’t completely un-founded it would seem: Flash monoculture seriously concerns me . . . I’m surprised we haven’t seen more active exploitation using Flash.  I guess it will happen eventually. Google Orkut worm: Hi5 social networking site worm planned: The HP patches for their bundled software should be…


Is it cold in here?

So most of my friends / co-workers know that for *years* I’ve been hugely anti-Windows Mobile.  I’ve owned a RAZR for a couple years and before that owned some LG phones that worked great as phones . . . and I appreciated their ability to run continuously without issues like lock-ups, reboots, or crashes of…