Interesting stuff and the end is near (for my blog)

First off - OneCare is dead - long live . . . OneCare . . . err Morro?

Next up - Zune 3.1 is out - download it - love it.
Also - the flash memory based Zunes are getting price chopped from $10 - $30 in time for Christmas:

Things I loved about the 3.1 update are the new games (Checkers, etc.) and the ability to play with other players wirelessly.  My 8 year old kicked my ass in Checkers last night playing wirelessly from his Zune 30.  I was both proud and embarassed at being outsmarted by an 8 year old. 🙂  I was too scared to try my luck at NLHE against him (yes he already knows how to play Poker - I'm not proud of that b.t.w.)

Also came across a new commerical I hadn't seen yet for the 360 today:

Finally - all good things must come to an end - and my blog is no exception. 🙂

I'll probably be done blogging real soon now . . . security (which unfortunately is one of my favorite topics) is a topic full of blog-landmines . . . only they move around frequently . . . and after stepping on them - they reset so you can step on them again, and again if you have short term memory problems and a learning problem. 🙂  Not to mention it's time consuming when done properly and I've been busy as hell lately working on work - and overclocking my car (installed a piggyback EMU and self-tuned it a bit, installing some stage 2 cams this weekend - wish me luck - you may find a used overclocked 2001 IS300 on eBay Monday in need of a new engine with a low low reserve!).

So that said - my farewell post will probably be an explanation of why I have 'El Conquistador' in my display name since it's probably the most frequently asked question I get. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sad to see you say that.  I’ll miss the goat.  I’ll miss your candor.  

    There’s a few solid security blogs that aren’t filled with hype and marketing.  You are one of the best for truth.

    (As a Mini Cooper owner I can understand car obsessions however)

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