Flash 10 & IE8b2 Per Site ActiveX

So I've got IE8b2 installed on all of my machines and I've noticed that since installing Flash 10 that all web sites now prompt me before running Flash 10!  The new gold bar experience users will see when they install Flash 10 on IE8 is described here (thanks to Eric Lawrence for the URL: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/05/07/ie8-security-part-ii-activex-improvements.aspx).

Some people may hate this - I actually like that I can now selectively control which sites get to use Flash and that it defaults to OFF for all web sites.  As long as you don't select to allow ALL web sites to run the ActiveX control - it will continue to be blocked behind a gold bar for every web site that wants to instantiate the control.  You'll find that within hours of installing Flash 10 on IE8b2 that pretty much EVERY site on the entire Interwebs wants to instantiate Flash (mostly for supporting annoying ads) and you'll also find that having it blocked behind a gold bar really isn't so annoying.  I personally plan on leaving the Flash 10 AX configured to run on a per-site basis (i.e. I won't be configure it to run on all web sites) since this makes me feel a bit more warm and fuzzy only allowing certain sites to run the control.  I imagine the vast majority of users will choose to allow all web sites to run the control and that's fine with me - as long as *I* don't have to allow all web sites to run the control - I'm a happy camper.



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