Win7 to officially be called . . . Win7?

I actually for once - LOVE that we are keeping the name of the OS simple and leaving it at Win7.  I will admit - I was somewhat disappointed when XP's name was announced internally (internally it was known as Whistler) and I was downright horrified when we decided to call Longhorn "Vista" (my friends call it "Veesta").  Longhorn sounds cool . . . manly . . . Vista is pretty much the exact opposite in my mind . . . it sounds serene and 'pretty'.

Anyhoo - we seem to be doing all the right things with Win7 (you'll know why I'm saying that soon enough <G>):

Wish I could tell you more about it - but I can't.  All I can say is that it freaking rocks.  I already use it as my daily driver OS at work and can't wait until it's out in the public for testing (which it will be very soon at PDC / WinHec next week).

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