Today’s Fail Open Goat Award goes to: Insecure 3rd party software updaters

You’ll notice Microsoft’s auto-updaters (Windows Update / Microsoft Update / Automatic Updates) are not on the list.  Why?  Because we’re paranoid, and we anticipated this type of threat years ago and mitigated it by signing all of our binaries and only allowing our updater to install binaries signed by us.  I guess other vendors didn’t get…


2% of a big number, is a big number

Don’t be evil.  


Microsoft Mojave

“We are here in San Francisco, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine operating system these people usually use with Windows Vista, Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!”


Antivirus fail . . .

Lately I’m not a big fan of AV and it amazes me that AV hasn’t been beaten up more badly than it has given how it runs on pretty much every desktop in the civilized world and how critical writing solid, secure code is these days.  It looks like .Nruns is speaking out: At…


DNS Fail Open Goat Award

Kaminsky’s flaw has a metasploit module: On the Internet – no one hears your screams.


Pwnie Awards – Vista nominated for . . .

Most Epic Fail: Gee . . . I hope we . . . win?  No . . . wait . . . Windows Vista for proving that security does not sell $100,000,000 invested in security and what does Microsoft have to show for it? Customers are revolting against Windows Vista and nobody who has…


Dan’s DNS checker – We need a new ship!

Heres’ an interesting, somewhat reflective blog from Kaminsky on security researcher drama, and how in an ideal world lots of trusted peers would get to review your vulns and fix plans before the patches ship:  Sadly – in the real world it doesn’t always get to work that way for a lot of interesting…


Chris Rohlf joins Matasano

I have mad respect for Matasano and I can’t believe a friend of mine now works there! Congrats dude!


Memory dumpers for Windows

So I still get IR related questions on occasion . . . one of which being ‘what is the best way to dump memory on Windows’.  I honestly am hopelessly out of touch – I haven’t done IR in many years now – but I came across some intersting tools that seem to have released…


Adobe Acrobat 9 – Creamy Security Goodness (on Vista / WS2008)

So I noticed yesterday that Adobe had quietly released Acrobat 9 to the web.  I decided to download it and check it out to see if they had finally gotten a copy of memo (it’s just that we’re putting cover sheets on all of our TPS reports now) and decided to start opting in to…