Security ‘silly season’ has officially begun . . .

In Formula 1, silly season usually begins near the middle to end of the F1 calendar (although it seems to start earlier each year) as many drivers and teams start the intricate backroom negotiations of who will drive what next season or even sometimes 2 or 3 seasons from now and the mass media try in vain to get the scoop on these highly secretive deals which are sometimes struck between drivers and rival teams without the drivers current team even being aware of the negotiations!  It's usually highly entertaining to watch the mass media speculate about who will drive what in the coming year(s) and for what reasons  . . . for example this year it is widely rumored that Fernando Alonso (currently driving a Renault) will be driving for Ferrari soon having just driven for McLaren last year (Ferrari's nemsis) even though Ferrari looks to have two champion caliber drivers already.  Who will get bumped from Ferrari to make way for Fernando?  Where will he go?

With that in mind - I caught this highly sensational article today touting as the headline: "Vista security to be 'obliterated' at Black Hat" and it signified to me that the security silly season leading up to Blackhat has officialy begun:,339028227,339290040,00.htm

Yes that's right folks, Vista's security will be absolutely and unequivocally obliterated!  There will be no more Vista security after blackhat - it will quite simply be wiped off the face of the earth!  Do not therefore be surprised thy loyal reader if ye have no recollection of Vista security following Blackhat, so thoroughly will it be wiped clean from our collective memories, ney, our very existance by Dowd and Sotirov!

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