MMPC team blog / FF 3.0 download record?

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center team (i.e. the AV folks) have a new blog URL:
Hopefully these folks will be blogging more about new and exciting malware like they've done just recently.

This month - they talk about the June MSRT release nuking a variety of online game password stealers hailing from China among other places. 
What I found particularly interesting were the statistics and spefically a download statistic they gave - 330MM downloads of the MSRT in the first week of the June release.

So that is an average of 330MM/7 = 47MM downloads a day for the MSRT in June.
That sort of make's Mozilla's attempt to set a world record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period seem . . . rather quaint. 🙂

Right now at the time of this writing - it looks like they are sitting at only 17.8MM downloads (this page seems to be displaying total downloads to date - not just whatever was downloaded in the first 24 hours, I say that becuase the counter is still incrementing when I refresh on occasion) - and today is like . . . 6 days after their 3.0 RTW . . . so one could also just compare the 17.8MM downloads after a week for them to the 330MM downloads for us. 🙂

Hopefully if they do get the world record - we can promptly turn around and smash it in July . . . August . .  September . . . etc. 🙂

EDIT:  User friendly proves that great minds think alike:

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