The Great Flood (of building 27)

So last night a pipe carrying water in building 27 in the ceiling over the first floor burst causing water to pour out of the ceiling and onto the floor.
This is interesting to me because building 27 is the building where most of the MSRC and SWI folks whom I work with sit and they are now temporarily out of commission and working from home.

I was actually very concerned about the safety of my colleagues and one in particular who is especially susceptible to water damage:
The MSRC's un-official mascot "Patches" (the pink pwny seen elsewhere in my blog):

Fortunately, as you can see, Patches was able to make it out alive . . . you can also see the carpeted floors in the background are now shiny . . . I guess 1-2 inches of water will have that effect.

Below you can see some of the civil engineering efforts performed by heroic individuals whom I'm told also saved countless lives . . . err workstations and servers by single handedly lifting them to higher ground.  NOTE:  I bet several folks will be rethinking the somewhat common practice of placing their mini-towers on the ground under their desks after this event.

This is a rather artistic shot of the new MSRC reflecting pool . . .

And finally - I'm not entirely convinced that this wasn't all part of some crazy after hours plot by members of the SWI team (or possibly even Canadians) to freeze the water and skate through the halls ala "Real Genius" . . .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BTW that’s a private video.. but it was even referred to during today’s Security bulletin webcast.

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