Fail open goats (the new LOL cats?)

So there are these goats - that when you scare them - they lock up, and their legs stiffen and they end up falling over and landing on their back - invariably with their legs sticking straight up in the air.  It's a genetic thing.  The goats are fine after a few seconds.  It's freaking hysterical to watch on Youtube.  I forget what the scientific name for these goats is (myosomethingorother ... search for "fainting goat" on the Internets) - but I call them "fail open goats" because, well, that's what it reminds me of whenever I see one . . . a goat . . . failing . .. open. 🙂

The fail-open goat, for me, has become synonymous with bad product security and I am known to on occasion create a fail-open goat to celebrate various notorious or well celebrated instances of product security fail. 

So with that - I give you MacBook Air fail - ala Cansecwest 2008:
Fail Open Goat

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