From China with love . . .

So last week was a VERY interesting week.  First off we had some dude going public with information that the Pentagon had apparently been succesfully hacked at some point last year by an organization whom they believe but won't officially state as being based in China.  There's also a somewhat related article here where the defense related think-tanks claim to being targeted as well:  The think-tank article mentions attachments - but doesn't call out what they were.  Hmm - I wonder? 🙂

Next up - CNN manages to travel to China and interview some Chinese hackers who claim to have penetrated - among other places, the Pentagon!  Fascinating!  You can read more on that here:  They also claim to have been paid by the Chinese government for their services.  Imagine that!

Finally - I managed to stumble across a very interesting blog where it looks like the video from CNN reveals the web site referred to in the article as having 10,000 active members that is run by the mysterious "Xiao Chen".

What I find most fascinating about 'The Dark Visitor' (besides this persons obvious infatuation with the Chinese hacking underground) is his Flickr page:

Lots of interesting pictures hosted there. 🙂

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