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So my friend Jonathan who is one of my hard-core kernel go to guys has decided to dip his toe into the waters of the blogosphere and you can start reading his blog here:

He'll be blogging about some pretty low level stuff that honestly is a bit above my head since I spend 95% of my time in usermode. 🙂  I'm sure for the kernel geeks out there - it will be nice and I'll try to follow along and tell him to dumb it down when it gets too intense or needs more explanation. 🙂

And well . . . I haven't officially come out yet (via my blog) but I guess since he has I might as well too . . . yes - I'm officially . . . a hardcore LOST fanatic like him!  We both watch LOST every week on ABC and then spend a non-trivial amount of time discussing the episodes the next day and trying to un-ravel the mystery.  We think in recent weeks we may have un-covered one of the deeper mysteries. 

SPOILER ALERT (maybe <G>):
Okay - In the spirit of Jon coming out in his blog as a hard-core LOST geek, I figured we may as well post one of our combined LOST theories that I haven't seen posted up on any of the LOST fanboy sites yet . . . so as far as I know I'm dropping LOST 0-day here. 🙂  If you've been watching the show you'll know that on the island - time seems to be running slower relative to someone OFF the island (well - it does NOW that Desmond blew up "the hatch", the station known as 'The Swan' by the Dharma folks).  We think that the time ratio (on the island compared to off the island) is related to the number 108 which as you will recall is the interval (in minutes) in which they had to keep entering "the numbers" in the hatch.  In a recent episode when Faraday did the rocket test he was clearly measuring the time dilation that occurs between points off the island and points on the island.  If you watch the episode closely you'll observe that the rocket appeared to take about 18 seconds or so to reach the island relative to observers on the ship, but it didn't land on the island for what appeared to them to be 31 minutes (the clocks on the island and the rocket were off by 31 minutes when it arrived).  Doing some math we find that 18 seconds * 108 = 1,944 seconds = 32.4 minutes . . . so that's pretty close to explaining the difference.  Then we started thinking some more . . . in the flash-forwards into the future where Jack has a scruffy beard and has become an alcoholic, why does no one at the hospital seem to know / remember him (we'll ignore the fact that his father seems to be alive in that episode since he says "you go upstairs and get my father")?  After all he was gone for only 100 days (island time) or so by the time they are rescued?  So check this out . . . what if the purpose of entering the numbers in the hatch is to keep time on the island running at a 1:1 ratio with time off the island?  What if that all ended when Desmond blew up the hatch on day 65?!  So that then means that for 35 days (of island time) they have been running 108x slower than the outside world.  So 35 days * 108 = 3,780 days = 10.3 years!  So our theory is that in the flash-forwards we're seeing this season with Jack and the "Oceanic 6" back in the real world - they are actually 10 years in the future due to the properties of the island and its magnetic field slowing down time.  In other words - the people of the world think they were gone for 10 years . . . guess we'll see what happens in the coming weeks and whether we're right or wrong.

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