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So most of my friends / co-workers know that for *years* I've been hugely anti-Windows Mobile.  I've owned a RAZR for a couple years and before that owned some LG phones that worked great as phones . . . and I appreciated their ability to run continuously without issues like lock-ups, reboots, or crashes of any kind.  They were simple devices that exceeded at being phones and the RAZR even had superior audio quality when compared to my land lines!  My friends who have owned WM devices for years have experienced problems that I just never cared to have on a phone (lock-ups, reboot loops, etc.).  Some of the devices sound like total crap as well and audio clarity is something that's fairly important to me in a phone.

So it was with great trepidation that I purchased a Motoral Q9 a few weeks back running Windows Mobile 6.  I've got a bunch of friends with Smartphones and Pocket PC phones on WM5 and WM6 and the WM6 users have reported no issues after months of usage . . . so I figured maybe we've finally gotten it together and it may be time to take the plunge. 

I am pleased to report the Q9 freaking owns!  I have it configured to sync with ALL of my email providers (my Microsoft account, hotmail and gmail).  The Microsoft and Hotmail accounts are push technology so I get notified instantly when mail arrives - Gmail is POP so it polls at 5 minute intervals.  Not only that - but I have our corporate IM client installed on the phone - so if I really want I can sign-in to Office Communicator and chat with folks or call their office number from my phone by clicking on them.  I also have Windows Live Messenger installed and can chat with that.  Not only that it has a built-in GPS and the new Live Search application works with the GPS and overlays my position on satellite maps it gets from the Internet as I'm driving.  I can even use it to get turn by turn instructions overlayed on the maps.  It's crazy.  Oh and it has high-speed Internet (3G) that I've clocked at 900kbps downloads.  So far I haven't had any issues with the phone.  I must admit I really love it.  So I am now officially on the WM band-wagon and can recommend the phones with confidence although I'm still not crazy about the UI and the UX . . . IMHO they are still fairly expert friendly . . . I wouldn't recommend one to say - my mother in law but for tech savy folks they are great.

I also got a Zune 80.  What can I say - it owns as well.  The new firmware that was released just before Christmas seems to have resolved the reboot issues I was having with my Zune 30 intermittently.  The Zune software is a thing of beauty and the Zune Marketplace is so easy to use / navigate that I finally broke down and got a Zunepass so I can download as much music as I can store on my PC / Zune for 3 months at a shot. 🙂  So far I've only found a few artists / albums that have opted out of allowing their stuff to be downloaded by Zunepass holders (old-school Metallica being the most notable / shocking to me, with some newer artists albums not being available as well).

I read over the holidays that Zune Marketplace traffic was up 299% . . . and that this may be related to the problems people (myself included) had signing into XBox Live over the last few days . . . seems like we're off to a good start this year (well - new customer wise) and hopefully we'll scale up / out to meet the demand soon. 🙂

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