Patches . . .

Story time.  So a couple years ago, because I have horses, someone sent me a video of a couple good ole' boys and their horse named "Patches" (you can watch the "Patches the horse" video here.). 
If you don't have time to watch the video - Patches was a very special horse that would ride around with his owners in a convertible and eat McDonalds cheeseburgers.  Yes . . . I know. 🙂

So - I sent the video to my friends in the MSRC and we all had a good laugh over it (especially the name "Patches" since as you can imagine - security patches are our specialty) and soon "Patches" started making cameo appearances in doctored photos of various MSRC employees (my friend's Craigger and Adrian taking the brunt of the doctored photo assault).  (TIP for future MSRC employees - never, EVER share vacation photos in digital form with the MSRC / SWI)

Now - I told you the story of Patches and the doctored photos to show you this very real picture of my friend Adrian:
Adrian and Patches

That is my friend, the aforementioned "Adrian Stone", who is a Lead Security Program Manager in the MSRC and his new pink pwny who we have appropriately named "Patches". 🙂

So the story behind this picture is this.  At Bluehat v5 this year (the most awesome Bluehat evar because yours truly got to do his targeted attacks presentation) we had a post-conference party for the speakers and at that party the MSRC staff gave Adrian the pink pwny pictured above as an award for winning the inaugural DTF (Defend The Flag) competition that we held in the MSRC war room this year.

I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. 🙂

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    So after 3 ½ years with the Microsoft Security Response Center, making guest posts on the MSRC blog and

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