The second coming of Zune . . .

Zuneinites unite!

Personally I can't wait . . . I'm torn between buying a Zune 80 and a Zune 8 . . . guess I'm going to have to play with each - but I watch too much TV on my Zune now as it is so I think I'll have to have the 80 . . . especially if I can sync shows to it faster by shoving them across at their native resolution (I believe the Zune 80 supports my DVR-MS content at it's native resolution).

As it is - I can't wait until tomorrow when I can upgrade my Zune 30's firmware and install the new Zune software that looks so sexy . . . well it looks like Santa will be donating his Zune 30 to his 7 year old son this year for Christmas. 🙂

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