Overclocking the new 45nm Intel chips to 4Ghz?

Fascinating article . . . I used to build overclocked systems all the time but haven't really felt the need in a while (not since taking my dual 300mhz Celeron's to 450mhz) . . . recent overclocks haven't seemed to yield much (admittadly I don't stay on top of this very well) which just makes it seem . . . not worthwhile to me.  Well - the new Intel 45nm chips seem to offer room for decent overclocks now (a whopping 1Ghz OC).


Falcon Northwest has apparently run the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 at 4Ghz . . . dang . . . 4 cores @ 4ghz . . . yum.
Should run Media Center and Vista fairly smoothely. 🙂

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