Wherever you go – there you are! (If you own a Mac with Leopard)

Also a classic line from The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension and also very applicable to that fruit company's new OS.

What could *possibly* go wrong? 🙂

I imagine this will make both malicious hackers and security researchers alike look at the .Mac authentication / SSO infrastructure with renewed interest. 🙂
I have to wonder how secure it is and whether it's susceptible to side-jacking or any interesting XSS attacks?  For the side-jacking scenario imagine a Leopard user on a Macbook being automagically signed into the .Mac infrastructure while visiting a Starbucks and using their free public wifi!
I wonder when we'll see increased port scan activity for UDP 4500. 🙂

Watch those flows?

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