Google blogger attacks?

Interesting article over @ BBC talking about a rash of Google blogger blogs that have been updated to contain links to malicious sites:

I find it interesting that Google blogger is being singled out here . . . is there an injection type of vulnerability in Google blogger that someone has discovered or is it as they claim - just pwned bloggers with bots using their blogs to spread their disease?  Time will tell I guess . . .

Haven't really found much more interesting going on in security lately . . . Blackhat / Defcon this year was unusually quiet for us . . . no major scares . . . there's been some interesting stuff for our competition though what with the iPhone being unlocked through both hardware hax and software only - and of course the iClones for sale on e-Bay from China.  (Hint:  Watch the Youtube video here and listen for the startup / shutdown sounds - hilarious!).


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    Robert Hensing's Blog : Google blogger attacks?:

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