NBC sends a reporter to DefCon – hilarity ensues

Man I picked a hell of a year NOT to attend BH / Defcon: 

I’ll bet being called ‘moderately attractive’ was the most traumatic part of the ordeal for her! 🙂
(I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find pictures of her and render their own judgments!). 🙂

What irks me about this incident is that someone from ‘the press’ tried to attend a conference (and tried very hard it seems) without registering as ‘the press’.  I know that when I attend conferences I am not authorized to speak to the press as I am not authorized to represent my employer who would be the one sending me to the gig.  That’s pretty standard across most large companies and ‘the press’ are well aware of this fact (generally) and are (generally) respectful of this.  When I was in Spain the press guy there introduced himself to me (and I already knew who he was) with his big flashing neon sign of a press badge on and I told him I wouldn’t be allowed to speak with him or do an interview and that was that.  One of my biggest fears is being mis-quoted or misrepresented by the press or having something I say being interpreted as Microsoft’s official position (which is a very fine line to walk when you have a blog hosted on technet.com and you work for Microsoft <G>) and then having that become a career limiting or career ending move.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, you have got to love when the tables are turned on the media. Rob Hensing did a great job of finding