eWeek article on Atsiv / x64 driver signing

I will admit - I like Larry Seltzer's articles . . . he tends to be more of a 'big picture' guy when he writes columns on technology focusing on the real underlying issues and not getting caught up in things that ultimately don't matter or that prevent most people from seeing the big picture.

Take this article for example: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2165585,00.asp

Larry could have taken this as an opportunity to bemoan Vista's security model or attack the driver signing requirement that we implemented - but he gets what it's about and understands the difficulty in trying to define where 'trust' begins.

All I know is - Atsiv is 'interesting' . . . and it will probably be 'interesting' to see what our response to it is (if there is one). 😉

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