I’m in ur security conference stealin’ all your bandwidths . . .

So we have free wifi in the hotel . . . and it's surprisingly stable and fast.  I have shows recording at home on my Media Center box that I want to watch on my Zune . . . further - the shows are being automagically converted to WMV files by this program I have running monitoring my 'recorded tv' folder.  So I've been TS'ing into my box at home and copying the WMV files to my notebook here in Spain via the RDP folder redirection magic (i.e. \\tsclient\c\folder) . . . it took about 6 hours to get the 800MB F1 race on to my Zune via the RDP client - but it's there this morning along with some Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes.  Since I don't speak Spanish (why the @#$ did I take GERMAN in high school!) it's nice to have some shows in English. 🙂  Did I mention I love my Zune?  Haven't had a problem yet and I now have the software installed on my 64bit notebook as well.  I may even get brave and leave the wifi stack on and let my friend from ISS poke the Zune with his wifi probing stuff. 🙂

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