DON’T install the Safari for Windows beta (unless you LIKE getting 0wn3d)

Yes Apple's developers are so much better at secure coding than ours! 🙂

Now I almost feel bad posting this because - well it's a beta . . . and even IE7 wasn't without security vulns during its beta . . . but can you *imagine* the outcry had this browser had the Microsoft name affixed to it somewhere?
jeez . . . and Thor's stuff . . . URL protocol handler injection . . . wow . . . not exactly 'new' stuff here. 🙂

I guess once more and more bugs are found in browsers like FireFox and the new whipping boy Safari, people will start to realize - IE7 isn't half bad. 😉  Especially on Vista in protected mode.

Now the million dollar question is - can bugs found in SafariWin be used on Safari for OSX?  Time will tell . . . but Apple really has saved folks a lot of trouble by porting their browser to Windows . . . now they can use the fuzzing frameworks they developed for IE / FireFox on Safari without having to port their code to OSX!  And hilarity ensued . . .

EDIT:  Should have read Dave's blog (again(again)) before posting . . . he's made 4 updates to it since I read it yesterday and has incidated that one of his remote exploit bugs he found in the Windows version of Safari works in the Mac version . . . guess that answers THAT question. 🙂

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