Toorcon rocks

Just got back from Seattle last night - hung out with my friend Brian who was kind enough to let me crash in his condo after Bluehat and before / after Toorcon.  Toorcon Seattle rocked!  It was in a bar in Seattle called 'The Last Supper Club' or something like that . . . the bar was open and the seating was comfortable . . . you could sit in chairs on the dance floor which had a stage setup or you could head up to the balcony and sit in more comfy chairs / couches and watch the presentatons on the LCD's scattered throughout.  It was a small con with about 100 people - invite-only style.  I felt privileged to be there. 🙂  The guys at Errata (Dave and Robert) gave a pretty great talk on a tool they've created called Ferret to point out the dangers of un-encrypted wifi hotspots - like the ones found at most security cons. 🙂  Their thoughts on things can be found here:

What I liked about their talk was that they spent the morning sniffing the wifi and then updating the slides with real-time data from the audience.

I didn't bring my notebook to the talks because I have a tendancy to get all ADD and not listen if I have shiny objects in front of me to play with.  Glad I didn't - although it would have been interesting to see what they could gleen from Vista.  Pretty sure they would have gotten my domain name, notebook name and probably other stuff like Messenger stuff (they showed an AIM friends list being shoved down for one person in the audience).

Another great talk was Quinn's talk on 'Body Hacking' where she detailed her adventure inserting a rare earth magnet into her finger to give herself a 6th sense (it didn't end well) and she examined the various social aspects of various forms of body hacking.  It was a fascinating talk and she could have clearly talked for another hour or two. 

All of the talks were for the most part excellent . . .

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