2007 FIRST conferrence featured at the FIA GT race at Silverstone 5/6/2007

This weekend, fellow racing enthusiast and driver Terry Pudwell has agreed to display the 2007 FIRST conferrence logo on his awesome GT car in the FIA GT race at Silverstone to promote awareness of the conferrence!

The car featuring the logo will be running in the "GT 90’s Revival" against such exotics as the McLaren F1, Porsche 911GT1's etc.
The car to watch for, if you're fortunate enough to get FIA GT races on TV (we don't here in the U.S.) is the Stealth B6 as shown below . . . .

I wonder if this is the first time a security conferrence has ever been sponsored on the side of a race car?

More information on the FIA GT race series can be found at www.fiagt.com

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