China – Malware – Kaspersky – Targetted Attacks

Found this to be an interesting and thought provoking quote:
""China and India are both huge countries, each with a lot of internet users… there is a lot of malicious software from China but none from India.”

I don't know if this is surprising given that there are by some estimates 150 - 200 million Internet users in China: whereas India has only around 40 million (both as of 2006).

Finally - check out this report from MessageLabs talking about targetted attacks using Office documents.  Some very revealing and intersting information in this report (kudos to MessageLabs for publishing it!):

It was interesting to see which sectors were being attacked, the email addresses being used in the attacks, and the detection rates by the AV industry for the Office document containers compared to the actual malware dropped by the Office documents. 

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