2007 FIRST conference

Updated 4/21/2007 to clarify attendance stuff.

I wanted to take a second to clarify some things about a conference I'll be speaking at soon. 

First, The 19th annual FIRST conferrence is open to attendance by everyone - not just members of the FIRST organization.  It seems there has been some confusion over this.  The confusion stems from the fact that during this annual conferrence the FIRST organization also holds an 'Annual General Meeting' (AGM) which is only open to FIRST members.  The AGM, however, is one small part of a week long conferrence which this year is focused on digital privacy (breaches, data protection, etc.)

Second - if you are not a member and you want to attend this year - you can go here to do that: http://www.first.org/conference/2007/ 
:  If you register before 4/25/2007 you get an early registration discount which saves you $300.

As stated previously - I'm going to be doing a presentation tentatively entitled "Office 0-days Exposed!" (yeah - I know - I'm not very creative).  I'll be demonstrating a real PowerPoint 2003 exploit that was used in limitted targetted attacks back in September 2006 which used a former PowerPoint 0-day.

The goal of my presentation will be to spread awareness on the current threat environment our customers are operating in and to discuss actions they can take to reduce the chances of a successful compromise and/or techniques for limitting the damage potential of any exploits should they get compromised. 

It should be an interesting talk. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, bruddah,

    Have fun over in Spain!  I’m sorry that I’ll have to miss it…things here are changing so much.

    Want something to read on the way over?


    Author: "Windows Forensic Analysis"

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