The WoW starts NoW? Where’s the freaking wow!?!?!

Stupid World of Warcraft - that game has me typing 'wow' as 'WoW' and I don't even play it!  Anyhoo - just a short non-technical blog (again - yes I know - I've been lame lately - still need to finish up my super duper uber DEP blog and publish it).  Soooo . . . it's been like . . . over a week and I have yet to see a Vista commercial on TV or hear anyone talking about them . . . granted I'm in Redmond now and not watching much TV save for the occasional Daily Show or Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode (it was nice to use the war room for something other than a crisis) . . . well some employee finally managed to not only spot one of the oh so hard to find Vista commercials, but they also managed to record it and host it on soapbox! 

Clearly our advertising is an attempting to infuse emotion and sophistication into the product instead of just making funny commercials that are almost guaranteed to generate water cooler dciscussion . . . hey speaking of funny commercials and water cooler discussion . . . have you seen the new Apple commercial mocking Vista / UAC?:

Great - thanks Apple - now I'm going to have agent Smith saying 'cancel or allow' in my head everytime I see a UAC prompt (which is almost never thankfully now that my software is all installed and working correctly).

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