New security features in VC2005

So this is a pretty nice summary of some of the cool / new features of VC2005 that will hopefully lead to more secure code being cranked out all over the planet.

So what is it – ya do here? Allow myself to introduce . . . myself (again).

Okay – if you are still subscribed to this feed – then you probably remember me from back in the day when I was an incident response guy for PSS Security doing detective work helping our customers figure out how they got hacked and offering sage advice on how not to get hacked (again) going…

Robert Hensing’s Incident Response Blog – Reloaded

After nearly 7 years in Product Support Services helping our customers on issues ranging from debugging IIS failures, to identifying performance issues to helping customers with security investigations I have taken on a new challenge and accepted a job in the Security Business and Technology Unit working for the SWI team (Secure Windows Initiative).  …


New Rootkit Revealer available!

Sysinternals yesterday released a new version of Rootkit revealer after receiving feedback that people using rootkits were starting to add Rootkit Revealer to the ‘root process’ to continue to avoid detection.  The new version uses a randomly named executable that runs as a service in order to avoid getting hooked by rootkits that can do…


Rootkits – revealed!

Well what do you know – that day that I was talking about in my previous post?  It was today: Make sure you check out the MSR site in the coming days / weeks (hoping that by saying it like that it will happen today as well).

Wormbotdoorkit? Kitbotwormdoor? Trojwormrootbot? Malware by any other name . . . 2005 – the year of the rootkit?

Edited 2/25/2005 to examine the multiple definitions of the word ‘rootkit’, added information on a LUA-friendly rootkit for the LUA folks to ponder (LUA – Limitted User Account), and added some thoughts on how they could mess with AV software. 🙂 So this is a post I meant to make ages ago but a shiny object flew…


Microsoft does 733t speak . . . it’s like an SNL skit – only funnier.

So yesterday this hilarious URL probably arrived in your inbox via your own personal friend network – and if it didn’t, allow me to share it with you now (it’s almost as entertaining as the Star Wars Kid): So this was tossed about on a Microsoft security MVP mailing list and it elicited this…


The MSRC @ RSA – the webspace

Wow – this is really really cool.  So . . . select members of the MSRC are off at RSA this week doing BOOTH duty and talking to our customers and then blogging about the days events in an MSN web space – check it out! Kevin Kean, “Stepto”, Simon Conant, Debby Fry Wilson -…