Ingest Azure Diagnostic logging in Log Analytics (OMS) Part 2

In part 1 we looked at enable diagnostic logging on Azure resources via the Portal or via PowerShell.
Now, let’s get this ingested into Log Analytics!

It’s worth noting that the current, up-to-date documentation is at:

OK for this, I’m assuming you’ve got WMF 5 installed on your machine. If you’ve not (where have you been!?) go to & hit the ‘Get WMF 5.0’ button.

Open up an Administrative PowerShell and make sure you’ve got the up to date AzureRM module:

 Install-Module AzureRM

Import the OMS module, making sure you’ve got at least version 1.0.8:

 Import-Module AzureRM.OperationalInsights -MinimumVersion 1.0.8

Login to your Azure Account:


Run the command to configure the diagnostic into Log Analytics:



OK OK. Hold up – let’s talk about this Add-AzureDiagnosticsToLogAnalyticsUI cmdlet.
Basically, it’s just like one of those choose your own adventure command line games. Like the ones I used to play on the BBC computer in school… Only this is better 

Add-AzureDiagnosticsToLogAnalyticsUI guides you through ingesting those diagnostic logs into Log Analytics.

Adventure Question 1: Whatcha want to collect?

In part 1, I enabled NSG logging, so let’s grab that by hitting 3:


Adventure Question 2:

OK you can see that it located my NSG and verified diagnostics were turned on. Awesome.
You can see it’s listed out my NSG here & listed it as number 1. If you had more, you’d see them listed here.
To select my NSG diagnostics to ingest into Log Analytics, I’ll hit 1:


Adventure Question 3:

Which Log Analytics workspace? I’ve only got one on this Azure Subscription, so it’s listed here.
If you have a few, you can select which one the logging will be ingested into:


OK – that’s it! You’re done:


Great – that was too easy right!? All you need to do now is get a cup of tea & after a little bit, you’ll see that diagnostic data show up in Log Analytics!

OK now I had a cuppa, I’ve gone to my Log Analytics portal & clicked Search. I’m going to enter the query to see all the stuff: *


Sweet!! Under ‘TYPE’ I can now see NetworkSecuritygroups.
I’m going to select it & click apply to make the query: * (Type=NetworkSecuritygroups)


Et voila! Here ya go!
Note you can see the 2 categories of logging here too, so you can filter down & all that stuff!

You can now do all the normal Log Analytics goodness, like filtering, custom fields, alerting, remediation, saving, queries and building kickass dashboards!


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  1. David Burg says:

    Import-Module AzureRM.OperationalInsights -MinimumVersion 1.0.8 was not sufficient for me to get Add-AzureDiagnosticsToLogAnalytics to work (error: The term ‘Add-AzureDiagnosticsToLogAnalytics’ is not recognized…) I had to also run first Install-Module -Name AzureDiagnosticsAndLogAnalytics

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