INTERACT2008 Invitation

Corporate VP of Unified Communications Group Gurdeep Singh Pall has put out the invitation to attend Interact 2008 in San Diago, California, 8-10 of April. This event will be both a great chance to rub sholders with the who’s-who of the UC world, and a great chance to get some deep technical knowledge of the…


Public IP Requirements for A/V Edge

So a few people get nervous when you tell them your going to need a publicly routable IP when implementing the OCS A/V Edge role for external A/V Conferencing.  Then you tell them they’ll need to open up 10,000 high ports, and you can see the blood drain from their faces.  🙂 Well it’s not…


Upcoming UC Webcasts

Byron Spurlock, who had a hand in the writing of the Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit, has a pointer to some of the upcoming UC webcasts, check them out here… Technorati Tags: Unified Communications,Byron Spurlock Share this post :


In KL for the UC Voice Ignite

Well, I’m here in Kuala Lumpur for the UC Voice Ignite that we’re running here this week.  I flew in overnight last night, and am now just getting myself ready for the event.  The Grand ballroom is all set to go, with about 120 laptops setup for the attendees to work from. So the flight…


OCS Edge Deployments

Ok, so we know the OCS 2007 Edge Server Deployment Guide has heaps of great details on how to get your Edge deployment up and running, but it can be a little confusing, especially around some of the different firewall scenario’s that people have.  Some people have plenty of external IP address, some don’t have…


Unified Communications Launch in Adelaide

We had the Unified Communications launch event here in Adelaide today, and it went pretty good.  We had some of the evangelists and UC guru’s in town for the day to talk about and demonstrate our new technologies to partners and customers.  Johann Kruse, Mario D’Silva, and Michael Kleef were all on deck to present…



Wow that’s a confusing title for a blog isn’t it? So I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about Office Communications Server and how they can take advantage of our Enterprise Voice features to provide Voice Over IP, either to coexist with their existing PBX infrastructure or to replace it altogether. One of…


OCS Virtual Labs on Technet

We’ve got some Virtual Labs up on Technet for common things you’ll want to do with Office Communications Server, check them out here….   TechNet Virtual Lab: Enabling Users and Installing Office Communicator 2007 TechNet Virtual Lab: Configuring and Using Conferencing in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 TechNet Virtual Lab: Using the Management and Troubleshooting…


Microsoft Unified Communications Launch

So we’ve had a couple of really exciting days with the launch of our Unified Communications range of products. We’ve had the big launch events happening in the US, with followup events happening all over the world.  Bill Gates headlined the launch in San Francisco, if you missed it you can check out the video…


Unified Communications TechNet Update

To support the Unified Communications Launch events in Sydney and Melbourne (more details to follow about these events), TechNet will be running a series of Technical Readiness events across the country for IT Professionals wanting to learn more about the technology.  What will be covered? Office Communications Server 2007 DeploymentThis demonstration will walk through deployment…